Circuit Spa

How It Works


Finally … access to what celebrities, sports figures, and people in the know have in their private treatment rooms. Weight loss, pain management, cellulite reduction,  detoxification, energy enhancement, all ready for you to explore in any customized Circuit that you create.

How it Works

Circuit Spa is an innovative concept which allows you to use our professional equipment yourself just like the celebrities and professional athletes. We give you the access you need and the prices that make it affordable.

On your first visit, we will look at your health assessment and see if there are any equipments that are not recommended and help you to create a custom circuit plan just for you based on which Circuit appeals to you and what body goals are important to you.  Next, we’ll also show you how to get started and how to use the equipment on your own. It’s simple, fun and rejuvenating!

Our packages and memberships can be viewed on the packages and memberships page

* You will be assisted with all equipment and placed into your wraps and detoxification foot baths.

Please be sure to visit our videos page to get a preview of our equipments before you come in.

A Sample Circuit

Vibration Plate Therapy

Your chosen Far Infrared Treatment  (Hot Formostar Body Wrap, Hot Jade Bed or Cellu Light Bike)

Body Sculpt Endermologie and Facial Sculpt

Collagen Red Light Therapy Beds with Eng3 Activated Air

Detoxification Foot Bath with Hair Growth Scalp Treatment and Light Stim Facial Lights

Chi Balance Table

Hot Rolling Jade Massage Bed       * Optional

Flawless Facial and Flawless Body Roll     

Body Buff Microdermabrasion    

Facial with Helena Gatlin   

What To Bring

If you are booked for a wrap make sure to bring 2 bath towels, (one for the wrap, the other for the shower) and 2 work out towels, should you need extra padding on your wrap.  Heavy thick cotton sweats, for the wrap, no black, brown or navy blue colors,as these colors do not allow the far infrared to pass thru them.  Longsleeveon the heavy cotton top for the wrap.   If going into the hot jade beda sports bra, shorts or bathing suit.  A Change of Clothes.   Flip flops or athletic shoes are best for comfort.  Water bottle, and a lock,if you would like to lock your stuff up in the lockers we provide.

Make sure to eat before you come in.

What to Expect

On your first day, you will have your medical assessment and itinerary reviewed.  After that, if any adjustments need to be made we will make them with you and print out your schedule for the day.  These are the times that you will have your equipments reserved for you.  You will be assisted into each instrument and educated as to what the benefits are as well as in how to operate the instrument and basic protocol.  The only thing you need to do is relax and enjoy the detox….


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