Circuit Spa

Frequently Asked…

What is the Circuit Spa?

Circuit Spa is a system that has been developed to give you accelerated results in detoxification, cellular renewal, increased energy, pain management, weight loss, and cellulite reduction.  Our clients have experienced wonderful results due to the ability to use a myriad of equipments that stimulate the body to detoxify and repair in different ways.  We offer you the ability to customize your Circuits and suggest equipments that can help you with your Weight Loss, Detoxification, Pain Management and Beautification Goals.  We offer various types of memberships, such as monthly plans, day uses options, and pay-per-treatment. Our equipment is also available for purchase for home and commercial use.  Our facility is an interactive store as well as training center for practitioners wishing to view and learn the equipments for purchase as well.

Do I need to bring anything?  Yes

1.  Thick heavy cotton long sweat pants (in any color except for black, brown or navy blue) for the wrap

2.  Thick cotton heavy sweat shirt long sleeved (same color scheme) for the wrap

3.  2 Bath towels, 2 work out towels,  (one is for the shower, the others for the wrap should you need extra padding)    We have towel packages available for sale should you wish to purchase them.

4.  Change of clothing for after your hot treatment

5.  Light shorts, sports bra or top or bathing suit (for the hot jade bed or bike) no dark clothing

6.  Flat flip flops for comfort between treatments

7.  Lock for the lockers (if you would like to lock your stuff up)

8.  Water Bottle



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