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The ultimate goal of Tropical Tan is to bring a glamorous glow on the face of customers. We have the crown of being number one tanning salon around Michigan. Our salon is filled with highly experienced staff. We are efficient and fully capable to serve the customers. Come to us and enjoy your highly personalized tanning experience; Tropical Tan is anxiously waiting for you.

Tropical Tan is very passionate about quality tanning. We have a large base of knowledge and experience to achieve best results in form of bronzed skin. We are going strong from many years. To ensure that the results of tanning deliver best results, miscellaneous activities such as hair removing, waxing must be done beforehand, at least 48 hours before tanning. Surely you will appear gorgeous. It is the time to shun down the buildup of dead skin and reveal the dazzling glow. Tropical Tan always suggest avoiding oil based exfoliator. Our beds and services are totally affordable for people who are seeking quality tanning in Dearborn Michigan. After all, Tropical Tan is a dependable name. Our bronzer beds are fully equipped to deliver a dazzling bronze glow on the skin in a very impressive manner.

The lamps installed near the beds are inspected on periodic basis and possibility of any skin reddening effect is avoided. We are totally devoted and concerned about ensuring customer safety. Tropical Tan is a dependable player, exceptionally known for providing high standard tanning in Dearborn Michigan. Tanning is our expertise and passion. Even after spending so many years in the arena, we are still going robust. It is an honor for us to be known for providing best tanning in Dearborn Michigan. Our rate chart is affordable and tanning procedure is absolutely safe. Schedule your appointment and partake in one of our sessions to give a golden glow to skin.


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