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Tropical Tan is a noted full service luxury tanning salon which is operational since 1995. We have never looked back after commencing operations. However, we are continuously striving to bring betterment in the quality of service in order to serve the customers in phenomenal manner. The management and staff of Tropical Tan ensure that customers have access to clean facility and latest set of equipment. We have the finest set of equipment and facilities to ensure customers walking out of Tropical Tan with great satisfaction. Our beds and other associated accessories help in achieving the darkest and deepest tan. If you are seeking best tanning in Wayne Michigan then come to us.

The rate chart of Tropical Tan is very reasonable and with our affordable special package, you can easily opt for tanning session at will. As security is the main concern for us, we ensure safety for each section of body; especially the sensitive eyes. Proper goggles should be used to avoid any harmful effect on eyes during the process of tanning. We are known for providing harmless and best tanning in Wayne Michigan.

Tropical Tan recommends using latest accessories to enhance the efficiency of the entire process. We understand the actual tanning needs of customers and arrange for necessary accessories to fulfill the expectations of the customers. Our courteous and professional tanning staff is fully certified to treat skin with ultraviolet light in a balanced exposure schedule. According to the law, tanning sessions must not be carried on quick succession; this is forbidden by law. The colors slow began to show up. Tropical Tan has made its presence felt by providing best tanning in Wayne Michigan.

At, Tropical Tan, entire process of tanning is carried out in balanced manner. Appropriate exposure timing enables the body to create natural supply of essential vitamins. Deficiency of vitamins often leads to many health problems. However, the professional staff of Tropical Tan keeps the process limited to tanning and not burning.

If you are truly interested to enjoy a tanning salon in an ideal environment then schedule appointment with Tropical Tan.


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