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We take great pride about our work. Tropical Tan staunchly believes that using latest technology is the key to success. Tropical Tan sincerely believes that tanning must be done with confidence without an iota of negligence. It is the choice of the customer either to choose the finest service or go after mediocre class services where he or she would taste only disappointment. Great precaution must be taken as human skin is highly sensitive. Unlike other salons, Tropical Tan delivers enchanting results at the end of the session. Everything in our saloon is methodologically and professionally set according to industry norms. We have made our presence felt by providing best tanning in Woodhaven Michigan.

Customer satisfaction and appreciation is the biggest award for us. Customers enjoy their sessions at Tropical Tan. They are impressed with amazing and friendly staff. It requires profound expertise to understand the skin tone. We are expert with the art of making skin fabulous in appearance. Due to quality sessions, we are far ahead then our competitors. Adhering with industry norms and highest standards of hygiene, our salon is operated by professional experts who truly understand the skin care needs of the customer. Our expert consultants are always keen to help customers. We can help you to understand how our tanning system works depending upon your specific complexion. Tropical Tan is known for providing best tanning in Woodhaven Michigan.

Tropical Tan uses best accessories and skin care products available in the market to advance the results and maintain the glow for prolonged period. If appropriate after care is taken then the tan lasts long; it does not fade evenly. You can experience the refreshment on your skin.

We are committed to serve our customers in exemplary manner. Tropical Tan is well ahead of rivals when it comes to offering quality services. Our name is taken with great regard all around Michigan. It is a great honor for us to treat customers and see a satisfactory smile on their face. If you are seeking quality tanning in Woodhaven Michigan, then come to us.


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