What types of tanning beds do you have?

~We have state of the art tanning equipment from your basic level 1 bed to air conditioned VHR's to some of the most powerful high pressure tanning beds on the market.

We change our bulbs and maintain our beds every 200 hours. That is what keeps us ahead of our competion.

What makes Tropical Tan Different?

~Tropical Tan maintains the highest standards of cleanliness and strives to keep it's salons the cleanest in the market.

Our strict training programs for our employees, including ITA certification, ensures that you will receive the highest level tanning service available.

We are always up to date with the latest tanning technology and equipment.

How often do you clean beds?
~We clean the tanning beds after every use with germocidal dissinfectant that kills all germs. The garbage is emptied, floors, mirrors, and walls are cleaned after each use.
~ We clean our beds and stand-ups with clean towels after EVERY customer.


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